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Soursy Soursy is the engine for your business

We want to help You save a lot of time and resources by providing You with an easy to use on-line system for conducting Your business.

We know what we are doing since we have been doing it for quite some time. We are a team of experienced purchasers of various strategic commodities.

You do not have to install anything or read complicated instruction manuals. We will simply enable You to get in touch with new business partners from across Europe.

Proceedings on the European market

… will certainly not escape Your notice thanks to a specialized forum, which will keep You up to date. Sales representatives, buyers and commodity managers will be very pleased and so will be their generals!

A database full of verified contacts

Let us amaze You by our sizeable database of verified contacts, by the opportunity to showcase Your portfolio to everyone in Europe, by the ability to make life harder for the competition with better offers to Your future clients and by an array of other business-oriented features.

And the proverbial icing on the cake will be the budget friendly and all encompassing price for our services.

You have a lot to look forward to!

Soursy Who the system is intended for

You will meet entrepreneurs and company representatives for the following industries:

  • Automotive

    Soursy aims to facilitate the continued growth of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and their suppliers alike, by building up new business relationships and strengthening the existing ones, enabling every company to expand with the growing market.

  • Rail transportation

    The difficult operating conditions on Europe’s railways require the best of materials, parts and services in order to keep this industry running smoothly, which is where Soursy can assist by enabling companies to select the best and most skilled suppliers to meet their high standards.

  • Marine and ship-building

    Coping with the unmatched diversity within this industry is one of many advantages of Soursy, which can be used to source anything from an entire tanker to marble wall panels for a new luxury yacht.

  • Aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing

    Lighter and more durable materials are the staple of the aviation industry and Soursy can bring the innovators and specialized manufacturers from all across Europe together to help make aircraft lighter, safer and perhaps even a bit more affordable.

  • Spare and aftermarket-part production

    The competitive environment created by Soursy will drive cost effectiveness and improve resource allocation, so that the best price levels for sourced parts can be achieved by companies of all sizes and specializations.

  • Tooling and machine manufacturing

    By enabling sourcing on a wider scale, Soursy will help keep the tooling workshop utilization high and will help prevent bottlenecks in tooling construction for large orders by allowing for an optimal order distribution.

  • Raw material supply

    Sourcing raw materials through Soursy will enable users and producers alike to spread their business partner portfolio and secure a steady and stable market situation, thus helping to keep supply and demand slightly more balanced.

  • Logistics, packaging and transportation

    By uniting logistics providers and big and small users of logistics services in one marketplace, Soursy will create a unique environment with unparalleled transparency and competitiveness in a very crowded and complicated environment.

  • Processing and assembly

    Being able to concentrate on one´s core manufacturing business can be achieved by using Soursy, which gives companies the option to outsource production capabilities that are important but not part of their core abilities, thus providing them with new flexibility and business options.

  • Research and development

    Innovations and know-how are a driving force in the transportation industry and by connecting innovators and know-how carriers with the companies that have the resources and the will to expand, Soursy plans to help advance the entire industry.

  • Other related services

    The volatility of the market and the requirement of being able to dynamically adapt ones capacities to its ups and downs can be compensated by using Soursy as a platform for finding skilled personnel and other necessary services at the right time for the right price.

  • Specialized vehicles

    Through the means of connecting companies from all around Europe and beyond, suitable business partners can be found even for sourcings with small volumes and exceptionally high requirements for quality and durability. Even the most stringent criteria and most specific wishes can thus be satisfied.

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Soursy We can help You develop Your business the European transportation industry. Simply contact us if You:

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